Mentor's guide

Classroom at HackYourFuture in Copenhagen
Welcome to HackYourFuture. We really appreciate that you're interested in being part of our community. In this guide we want to give you an overview of the different volunteer positions available and how to get started. By volunteering you contribute to our main goal: help students gain the necessary skills to find a job as a programmer. HackYourFuture has now helped over 500 participants across the EU to find work as a programmer. This is only possible with the support of you: our volunteers.

Do you know why you're a hero(ine)?

Because you can make the difference for our students mentoring and guiding them to become Junior Web Developers. To be a good mentor, you also need guidance - just as our students do. That's what this Mentor Guide is for!
You can find all infos you'll need to become a great HackYourFuture mentor in it!

Why join the HackYourFuture Community?

  • You will contribute to improving the lives of others through tech education 🚀
  • You will become a better expert of your own craft by teaching your knowledge 🤓
  • You will be exposed to different cultures and different ways of thinking & working 👐
  • You will become a part of HackYourFuture’s professional network 🌐

What do we stand for at HackYourFuture?

  • We speak the same language 💬.
  • We code together on Sundays 🌤. We're adapted to refugees' and newcomers' realities, facing other challenges during the week.
  • We breathe openness 👐. We're fully transparent and happy to share our methods and progress.
  • We help you let your future define you, not your past 💪. We train refugees and disadvantaged newcomers.
  • We work to get our students into developer jobs, not just to let them graduate. 💼
  • We are like a family 🧡. Our format is based on a grassroots community with volunteer coaches and mentors.
  • We advocate for diversity 🧕. We strongly encourage women to participate. Over 50% of our students are women.
Built upon CodeYourFuture's fantastic teacher guide​
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