Flexible tasks

Tasks that don't require multi-week commitment
There's always something to do at HYF, but not always do availability and roles overlap perfectly for our volunteers, so here's an overview of what you can do when your schedule might not allow you to immediately commit to a 3-week module.


On our Slack workspace you can find a channel "#need-a-review" dedicated to homework submissions from students that have not yet gotten reviewed. This task is basically the same as Homework Reviewer, just that it's not time-bound and you can focus on a single homework submission, instead of several. We estimate the time commitment to be between 30-60 minutes here, as you would be using some time on understanding the exercises the student was trying to solve before you go in to add feedback to their code.
A student posting a homework submission that hasn't gotten feedback after 7 days in the #need-a-review channel.
Once a homework submission has been posted in #need-a-review any volunteer can pick it up, so when you start reviewing the code, leave an emoji like 👍 so others know that you started working on it. Once you are finished, mark it with ✅.


If you stumble upon a suitable job posting for a role that could fit the skills of the HYF graduates - please post it in the #jobs-jobs-jobs channel or in the private #alumni channel, so job-seeking HYF students can see the opportunity and apply.
An example of a helpful post. An unconventional employer and a few lines explaining why it's a good opportunity.
Regularly posting job ads helps to calibrate the students' ability to select and apply for the right roles. In a perfect world, you would also offer to help those people who choose to apply with fine-tuning their applications to fit the company/role.
Another example of a simple post with some additional information.

Career Mentoring

We group different volunteering roles that have to do with preparing our graduates for the job-market & landing their first job under this category. You can read more about all the different roles here. A quick and simple way to help out is to check the #jobapplication-feedback-support channel and give feedback on the CV's posted in there.